Pick Racks & Mobile Racks
HP71002x9-R HP72E75x6-R
Ref Dimensions (LxWxH mm) Colours Finishes
HP71006 90x105x52 RedYellowBlueGreen  
HP71005 169x105x75 RedYellowBlueGreen  
HP71004 240x150x125 RedYellowBlueGreen  
HP71009 360x215x145 RedYellowBlueGreen  
HP71013 360x215x200 RedYellowBlueGreen  
HP71017 500x315x145 RedYellowBlueGreen  
HP71027 400x460x180 RedYellowBlueGreen  
HP71002 515x315x200 RedYellowBlueGreen  
HP71036 500x315x300 RedYellowBlueGreen  
HP72E45 614x384x250 RedYellow  
HP72E75 724x442x305 RedYellow  
HP71002x9/R Standard Rack Unit complete   Z & P, S/S POLYBL, POLYGR
HP71002x15/R Standard Rack Unit complete   Z & P, S/S POLYBL, POLYGR
HP72E75x6/R Standard Rack Unit complete   Z & P, S/S POLYBL, POLYGR
  • Other container sizes available
  • Any combination of container size and rack can be manufactured to order
  • Rack covers available for any size
MR6040 Plastic Mobile Rack MR6040
Solid Shelf Insert
Ref Dimensions (LxW mm*) Colours No. of tiers
MR6040/4 600x500 CreamRedYellowBlue 4 tiers
MR6040/6 600x500 CreamRedYellowBlue 6 tiers
MR6040/8 600x500 CreamRedYellowBlue 8 tiers
MR6040/12 600x500 CreamRedYellowBlue 12 tiers
MR6040/15 600x500 CreamRedYellowBlue 15 tiers
MR3018/4 760x560 CreamRedYellowBlue 4 tiers
MR3018/6 760x560 CreamRedYellowBlue 6 tiers
MR3018/8 760x560 CreamRedYellowBlue 8 tiers
MR3018/12 760x560 CreamRedYellowBlue 12 tiers
MR3018/15 760x560 CreamRedYellowBlue 15 tiers

* Height of unit depends on tray height

Units can be manufactured to individual requirements