Personel Lockers
Lockers Locker Types
Ref Description Dimensions (LxHxW)
1T3030 Single tier 300x300x1800
1T3045 Single tier 300x450x1800
1T4545 Single tier 450x450x1800
2T3030 Two tier 300x300x1800
2T3045 Two tier 300x450x1800
2T4545 Two tier 450x450x1800
3T3030 Three tier 300x300x1800
3T3045 Three tier 300x450x1800
3T4545 Three tier 450x450x1800


All steel lockers arer Biocote anti-microbial protected on all services preventing bacteria multiplying on treated surface

Ref Description Dimensions (LxHxW)
4T3030 Four tier 300x300x1800
4T3045 Four tier 300x450x1800
4T4545 Four tier 450x450x1800
5T3030 Five tier 300x300x1800
5T3045 Five tier 300x450x1800
5T4545 Five tier 450x450x1800
6T3030 Six tier 300x300x1800
6T3045 Six tier 300x450x1800
6T4545 Six tier 450x450x1800
  • Hygienic Wet & Dry lockers
  • Non-corrosive - polyethylene - washable
  • One piece carcase - double skin doors
  • Floor standing or wall mounted
  • Available with keylock or padlock facility
Ref Dimensions (LxHxW)
LK1 380x380x457
LK2 305x380x914


Body Colour:

Door Colours:

  • All lockers supplied singly or in nests of two or three
  • Ventilation vents in front of locker at top
  • Key operated dead locks with cardholder fitted as standard
  • Door frame is welded construction with folded edges for safety and strength
  • Doors have a steel channel reinforcer for security and strength


Sloping top (factory fitted)

Sloping tops prevent litter being left on top of lockers and make cleaning easier.Appropriate to most changing areas, sloping tops are an essential feature in hospitals and the food industry where hygiene is a priority.