Covers & Prover Pockets
Rack Cover Dough Bowl Covers BP8W Pastry / Dough Belts

Dough Bowl Covers
Made to any size in preshrunk cotton


Ref: BP8W


Ref: BP8B


Pastry / Dough Belts

Manufactured to any size


Polypropylene sheet fabrications Detectable Suction Cups Detectable Suction Cups

Rack Covers:
Lightweight PU Nylon in Blue for general use. Heavyweight Plastic Coated Fabric,in blue or white for heavy use. Covers can be made to any size to include sight panels and Velcro fastening as appropriate


Polypropylene sheet fabrications. Any specification for any application eg dollys, bowl covers etc

Ref: MDC001 (Soft 40mm)

Ref: MDC002 (Hard 40mm)

Ref: MDC003 (Soft 36mm)

Ref: MDC004 (Long Neck)

Detectable Suction Cups. Heat resistant to 220°C for bread de-panners etc

Polypropylene sheet fabrications Setter Cloth  

Surround manufactured in cotton or plastic coated fabric with monofilament mesh pockets. Secured with coloured velcro tabs for fast changeover

Setter Cloth
Any size & eyelet configuration can be manufactured